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Diaper Bag Checklist

Diaper Bag Checklist

It'd be nice if you could toss a few diapers and some wipes in a bag and be ready to head out with your infant for a couple of hours. But as you'll quickly discover, there are a few more must-have items to pack. The essentials:

6-8 diapers (several more if you're traveling with a newborn)
baby wipes in a travel case
change of clothes according to the season
2 receiving blankets
large cotton blanket (for extra comfort on long car trips)
2 rattles & teething rings
your baby's favorite small stuffed animal or toy a musical toy or book
bottles with breast milk or formula stored in an insulated carrier jar
baby food, dish and spoon
2-3 burping rags
1 bib
hand sanitizer (for quick clean ups after a diaper change)
2-3 plastic bags (for disposing of dirty diapers) tissues
small toiletry bag to hold supplies
diaper rash ointment
nail clippers
baby soap


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