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The first few weeks at home with your newborn will be a whirlwind of wonder and exhaustion. Here's a list of clothing and accessories that you'll need to gather beforehand. Be sure to wash clothing, sheets, blankets and burp rags in a gentle detergent before first time use.


3 to 4 newborn sleepers

3 newborn sacques

6 T-shirts

8 to 12 onesies

2 sweaters

1 sleeping bag or bunting

2 newborn caps

5 pairs of socks or booties

4 to 6 receiving blankets


1 plastic baby washtub

2 sets of washcloths and hooded towels

baby shampoo and soap

baby lotion and talc-free powder

nail clippers


changing table with waterproof pad

4 dozen newborn diapers

3 packages of disposable wipes

diaper rash ointment

diaper pins and 4 plastic pants (if you're using a cloth-diaper service)

3-gallon diaper pail with deodorizer or Diaper Genie with refills


2 to 3 nursing bras

cotton nursing pads

breast pump (if you need to leave a bottle for the baby)

bottles (for storing expressed milk)

4 burp rags (e.g., cloth diapers)


6 to 8 bottles with nipples, collars and caps

1 case of formula

bottle brush

4 burp rags (e.g., cloth diapers)

4 bibs


Bassinet or cradle:


3 sheets

3 receiving blankets for swaddling baby



flannel-backed mattress cover (for cooler months)

3 waterproof mattress pads

3 fitted sheets

1 crib skirt


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