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Decorating Baby's Room

Decorating Baby's Room

As a new mom, you assume the great responsibility of making decisions for someone else. Fortunately, one of the first issues to settle will be less stressing than, say, hiring a babysitter. But still, to decorate your baby's room can be a taxing (on your patience and wallet) experience.

To get the most for your money and effort, create a room that will grow with baby. According to Christine Olson Gedye, author of Ideas for Great Baby Rooms (Sunset Books, 1998), initially the room has to be convenient for baby, but soon enough you'll need more space for books and toys that your child will be able to reach.

"Keep simplicity in mind. What will be easy to take care of and what will hide the inevitable -- spills, spit-ups, fingerprints, scribbles and bumps," Gedye advises. "Think of the room from a development standpoint, so it can serve the child as the child's needs change."

To pull together a room that'll stand the test of time with optimal comfort, Gedye offers the following decorating tips:
  • Keep the room gender-neutral with neutral colors like yellow, green, blue and earth tones. Add a little vibrancy with a neutral-gender accent such as a blue-painted ceiling to evoke the sky.
  • Buy pieces that are versatile, such as a plain, waist-high pine dresser that can travel from the baby stage through teenage years.
  • Avoid baby specialty stores to save money. Instead, opt for furniture stores that sell unfinished wood pieces.
  • To change the look of the room without spending too much money, change a dresser's drawer knobs, hang fun-looking curtains or wallpaper, or even paint borders.
  • Check out end-of-season sales for affordable bedding, which can change a room's feel and look entirely.


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