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Dressing Your Baby

Dressing Your Baby

Some babies are wigglers, some go totally limp, and others cry. When dressing your baby, one thing is for sure: Babies aren't very interested in the whole process! So if just getting a T-shirt on your child seems to take superhuman skills, relax. Once you've dressed your baby a few times, the whole process will become second nature.

Tips for a quick change of clothes
  • Be prepared. Set out your baby's clothes on the changing table or bed before you begin.

  • Be cautious. Never leave your baby unattended on a changing table or bed -- even if she's never rolled over before and even if she's strapped on.

  • Look for easy-to-dress clothes. Buy clothes that have large head openings and are made of stretchy fabrics.

  • Stretch the clothes, not the baby. Stretch the neck opening in the garment before you try to place it over your baby's head. For example, put a shirt on your baby by stretching the neck opening over the back of her head first, and then down over her face. Reach into sleeves and pull her hands through rather than pushing her arms through. And be careful not to bend her fingers and toes the wrong way. Remove the shirt by gently taking her arms out one at a time and then lifting the shirt over her face.

  • Be well grounded. Always dress your baby on a sturdy, flat surface like a changing table, the floor, or a bed. Never attempt to change your baby's clothes while you're riding in a car, even if you're in the back seat. For safety's sake, secure your baby in a car seat whenever the car is in motion.

  • Don't overdress. Babies can become overheated if they wear too much clothing. Here's a good rule: Dress your baby with the same amount of clothing you're wearing plus one additional thin layer.

Have some fun
Cherish these special one-on-one moments with your baby. When it's time to change clothes, it's time for nurturing, too. Sing songs, make funny noises, keep up a cheerful banter, and maintain eye contact while you slip your baby into something clean and dry. It may not seem like much at the time, but every little interaction between you and your baby contributes to her growth and development.

When you dress your baby in a zippered garment, pull the opening away from her body when you move the zipper up or down to avoid catching her skin. Be especially careful near the folds of skin at her neck and chin.


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