Your Baby Today


Name: Aj
Age: 2 months
Hometown: Mandaluyong City, Philippines

Baby Aj loves to smile big whenever his picture is taken!

Recent Winners

Thomas Edward

Name: Thomas Edward
Age: 21 months
Hometown: Herndon, Va.

When Thomas had his second haircut, they used the clippers on him and he wasn't scared. He was such a good boy at the haircut place!


Name: Zedek
Age: 9 months
Hometown: Allen, Texas

Zedek is always happy -- his smiles are contagious! He loves to laugh with his older siblings, clap his hands and run in his walker.


Name: Kaylei
Age: 1 year
Hometown: Corpus Cristi, Texas

Kaylei is full of life -- she always puts smiles on people's faces! No matter where she goes, she always makes everyone's day special.


Name: Olivia
Age: 18 months
Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa.

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