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Publisher/Manufacturer: julieclarkmusic

The Baby Bach CD/audiotape is the latest in the classical music series from an outfit called "babyeinstein." Any classical music has long been known to improve a baby's verbal ability, memory, and "spatial intelligence" -- a foundation of mathematics. But this series, including "Baby Beethoven" and "Baby Mozart," takes this idea a step futher. It purges the classics of the jarring sounds that can startle or overstimulate your infant, so he can concentrate on the pleasant, measured notes of the melody.

Baby Bach, of course, is the music of Johann Sebastian Bach, a composer from the Baroque period, and it's easy to picture couples in powdered wigs dancing the minuet to this music. Gone are Bach's dark, heavy organs and the depressing fugues-this is all melodious flutes, recorders, and "mallet percussion instruments" such as the glockenspeil. Bring Baby Bach with you while traveling in the car with your baby. It's guaranteed to soothe both of you.

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