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Publisher/Manufacturer: Right Start

This popular baby carrier lets you bond with your baby, even as you work in the yard or around the house. It's especially helpful if you have a couple of toddlers to chase after. Moms say they prefer Baby Bjorn over other baby carrier brands because it has a very secure fit, so they can feel confident their infant won't slip out of the harness.

Baby Bjorn is made of 100% cotton. It's washable, easy to pack, and comes in several neutral colors that blend with almost any outfit you might wear. It fits babies from birth to 12 months, or 33 pounds. The manufacturers also sell a special set of straps that make the leg holes smaller for newborns. Since snuggling so close to mom tends to make babies fall asleep, they added a front snap that lets you take your infant out of the Baby Bjorn and lay her down without waking her. That, alone, might be worth the 80 bucks!

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