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Publisher/Manufacturer: By Kids II

For some reason, babies just can seem to resist the allure of this simplest of toys: the block. But as any parent soon rediscovers, there is more to blocks than first meets the eye. For one, they are fun to hold, interesting to look at since they have different pictures on all sides, and you can stack them! The Baby Einstein four-pack of blocks offers even more fun for your infant. These soft, lightweight blocks each have colorful objects (an animal, fruit, etc.) that correspond to their color. The green block has a frog, the red block a red robin (you get the picture). For added amusement, touch the duck and hear it quack, pull the frog's leg and feel the frog vibrate, lift the flap on the sun and discover a little mirror. To top it off, they also make noises when shaken.

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