Your Baby Today




Author: Miriam Stoppard

Publisher/Manufacturer: Dorling Kindersley

Pediatrician Miriam Stoppard, long an institution of conception and pregnancy advice, has updated her most basic pregnancy book for the new millennium. Published in April 2000, the book includes the latest prenatal and childbirth techniques. Like all those produced by publishers Dorling Kindserley, it is beautiful, with full-color photos of pregnant women and lovingly detailed illustrations of fetal development. The book is comprehensive-376 pages!-and covers everything from the physical changes to expect from week to week, to breaking the news to your boss that you're pregnant.

There are helpful lists and easy-to-access charts, on topics including pre-natal tests. But perhaps the best aspect of the book is the tone-always practical, straightforward, and reassuring. You may need other references to get more in-depth coverage if you have a specific issue or question, but this is the definitive "starter book" for parents who are expecting--or those who want to be.

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