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Author: Joe Mathieu

Publisher/Manufacturer: Random House Books for Young Readers

In the category of bath time books, this one surely ranks as a classic. Elmo Wants A Bath has been a kid- and parent-favorite since it was first published 12 years ago. Moms and dads love it for it's practical appeal; the vinyl pages easily stand up to the punishment of regular warm water and soapsuds (not to mention messy, sticky fingers, which is why the book is perfect for perusing during meals and snack times.) Your baby will love the book because she'll identify with Elmo, who loves taking a bath as much as her. If your little one tends to fuss when it's time to rinse the soap out of her hair, try waiting until then to give her the book. It may just distract her long enough so that you can get your job of rinsing her hair done without tears!

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