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Bathing an infant can be tricky business for nervous new parents. Using an infant bath tub is a smart move since it allows you to have better control while washing your baby. Plus, these tubs are designed to sit in a kitchen sink, which is much easier on your back than bending over a tub. The Infant to Toddler Bath from Evenflo helps take a lot of the guesswork out of bathtime. For one, it's equipped with a drain plug that turns pink if the water is too hot. The padded insert helps prevent your little one from slipping around and also adjusts for your baby's age. For infants under three months, who typically can't hold up their heads on their own, place the pad in a reclining position. As your baby grows and gains more head control, usually between three and six months, simply move the pad into a more upright position. As your baby gets even bigger, the padding can be removed altogether.

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