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When your infant is ready for solids, you'll no doubt put lots of care into deciding what kinds of foods are the best to feed her. Choosing a baby- and parent-friendly bowl and spoon set can help make the transition from liquids to semi-solids easier and more enjoyable for both of you. The Infant Feeding Set from Gerber includes 2 six-ounce sip cups, a sectional bowl with a warmer bowl, and 6 spoons. Each item has special features: The cup lids are made with easy-flow spouts to make it easier on an infant who's been accustomed to the fast-flow of a bottle nipple or breastfeeding. The purple feeding bowl is divided into three compartments and food contents can be easily warmed by filling the warmer bowl with hot water and sitting it under the food bowl. (This is a nice option for parents who don't want to microwave food, which can destroy some of the nutrients in certain foods. It also offers convenience when you're out and about, when it can be easier to find hot water than a microwave.) Lastly, the multi-colored spoons turn a different color when the temperature of the food is too hot.

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