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Author: Joan Franklin Smutny

Publisher/Manufacturer: Hampton Press

Parents of gifted children usually identify them in infancy. Precocious development is apparent at a very young age-early motor development, talking, walking, often reading before they reach the age of 2. Parents observe these traits but, especially with first-born children, they don't know how to react nor how to intervene.

The 41 chapters in this anthology provide practical information on recognizing giftedness in the early years, resources and strategies, meeting social and emotional needs, and planning educational experiences. According to Editor Joan Smutny, there is an "urgency of early intervention" with the "more than 500,000 bright children ...born each year..." Smutny states that the goal [of parents and educators] is to "maximize the potential of gifted young children."

The content of this book moves from "The Beginnings of Giftedness: Optimizing Early Learning" and "Identifying the Gifted Infant"--through "Developing the Potential of Young Gifted Children from Low-Income and Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds" and "Successful Parenting"--to "Social/Emotional Considerations in Young Gifted Children," "Planning Curriculum for Young Gifted Children," and "Technology-Based Instruction for Young Gifted Children." Each of the 48 authors brings experience and expertise to the understanding of giftedness in the very early years.

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