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Want to prepare your mind and body for the marathon of labor? Expectant and new moms will like this video because instructor Kathy Smith was pregnant when she filmed it in 1989, and she includes suggestions from the American College of Obstetricians & Gynecologists (although some of the guidelines may now be a bit outdated).

The video offers 56 minutes of instruction, including a warm-up, aerobics, toning, and a relaxation session. Smith offers tips for modifying the workout for the different stages of pregnancy.

Some moms who have tried the video found the music and certain segments - such as the "pregnancy rap" in the middle - annoying. Others felt the workout was not challenging enough for those who were in great shape pre-pregnancy. Still, Smith's video has been hailed "a classic" (Shape magazine). And most women agree it's excellent in the late stages of pregnancy to work out some kinks.

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