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Publisher/Manufacturer: Belly Basics

Expecting moms will be happy to know that maternity clothes have come a long way since flowery dresses that look fit for a big giant doll. Today, we're talking chic and simple pieces in sophisticated shades like black and navy. No flouncy, vibrant-colored tent-like dresses need to grace stylish mothers-to-be anymore.

Enter "The Pregnancy Survival Kit," by Belly Basics. Here, a nine-month wardrobe containing four basic pieces in one shade come neatly packed in a box for $150. The color choices are simple and chic: black, navy, and charcoal gray. And the cotton Lycra fabric is stretchy and soft 3/4 essential for the expanding pregnancy months. Moms will find the pieces easy to mix and match. There's a long sleeve dress, a long sleeve tunic, a skirt, and some leggings.

And when the holidays roll around, there's the "Dresses Up" kit ($120) with three stretchy velvet numbers for those special occasions.

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