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Publisher/Manufacturer: HALO Innovations

This innovative sleepwear for infants definitely qualifies as major contender in the category of "now why-didn't-someone-think-of-this-sooner!" Every parent worries about whether his or her baby is warm enough when she's sleeping. But parents are also aware of the potential risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) that may be linked to rebreathing carbon dioxide--something that can happen when an infant's nose and mouth are obscured by a blanket.

The design of the Sleep Sack is similar to a sleeping bag, except the sack fits over the shoulders and there are cutouts for the arms. This provides an excellent way for your infant to stay cozy and warm without inadvertently getting caught up in a blanket that can be moved about in a crib. There's an inverted zipper that means curious fingers can't undo the sack. And unlike pajamas with feet that require some maneuvering to take off for a diaper change, the Sleep Sack comes off and goes back on with ease.

The machine washable and dryer-safe Sleep Sack is made of polyester fleece, is flame-resistant, and gets an endorsement from the SIDS Alliance, a non-profit health organization formed to educate the public about SIDS. Sizes available up to 18 months or 28 pounds. Available in baby blue, light pink, and yellow.

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