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Publisher/Manufacturer: Evenflo

Toting your infant in a carrier is a great way to keep both you and your baby happy. For one, you'll have two free hands, which frees you up for things like food shopping and doing chores around the house. Meanwhile, your infant is content being snuggled against your warm body, listening to your heartbeat.

While there are more expensive models on the market, such as the Baby Bjorn, the Snugli Front and Backpack functions just as well for half the price. Features include a crisscross back harness which helps to distribute baby's weight more evenly, putting less strain on your back. It also comes with a padded seat and legholes, and a pillow insert for newborns to help support the head and neck. Three seat-height positions accommodate your growing baby and a pocket holds things like his pacifier or a small toy. Toss in the washing machine for easy cleaning. Holds infants 6 to 26 pounds.

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