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Publisher/Manufacturer: Sun Precautions

One of the all-out best ways to shield your baby from the burning, cancer-causing rays of the sun is to top of her sweet little noggin with a hat whenever you head outdoors. At close to thirty dollars, the Legionnaire Hat is on the pricey side, but it's money well invested. For one, the hat provides an SPF block of at least 30 (that includes UVA and UVB rays). And it covers not only the head, but ears and the nape of neck as well (areas that tend to get overlooked during sunscreen applications). Plus, the hat is made of a super lightweight, comfortable fabric, which means your baby is much less likely to want to yank it off her head the minute you put it on. Available in eight colors, including fuchsia, azure, stone, and white. Before ordering, measure baby's head circumference to match with sizing chart.

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