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Looks like science is finally catching on:  Across cultures and centuries, mothers have swaddled their babies tight in blankets, wrappings, and even fur pelts, both to mimic the close, familiar comfort of the womb and limit the involuntary twitches, flinches and thrashing that often rouse sleeping newborns.  Today, most hospitals teach new moms how to swaddle, but it can be tricky, especially if you've got lots of extra blanket and a wiggly baby.  All tangled up?  Try the SwaddleMe, made of machine-washable, soft microfleece or pure cotton, to wrap baby in secure comfort.  Velcro fastenings let the blanket "grow" along with baby, and make diaper-changing a snap.  SwaddleMe fits infants from newborns up to 14 lb, with a larger size available for cozy 4 - 7 month-olds. 

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